The Games


Download Dark Age 2 (.zip)

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The Games

These are all in zip format, if you have any problems with them email me and I’ll send a plain copy in whatever format you need.

Each game has a date by it to show when it was last modified, I will upload current projects as often as possible. One of my major problems is being an avid tinkerer. All the games have been play tested with my group.

The fundamental principle behind my game designs are:

  1. The mechanics should have a minimal effect on the speed of play.
  2. The mechanics should make the GM’s job easier.
  3. The mechanics should not stifle the groups imagination.
  4. The mechanics should reinforce the flavour of the game, they should be realistic if in a realistic game, unrealistic if in an unrealistic game.

I view game mechanics as a way to structure a game session. Free form games are enjoyable and I do run those on occasion but I find having a clear set of mechanics makes running a game much easier.


All of the systems below are a mix of mechanics and background. As I play a game the background tends to take shape organically and get noted down, so you will see these documents change over time as they are played through.



Download Urban myth (Latest Update 18/05/02): Urban myth is a game of the near future set in the United Kingdom. Think cyberpunk but with much more subtlety, pistols where you would find SMG’s etc. This game was inspired by the Greg Mandel books written by Peter F Hamilton.


Download Biplane Barmy (Latest Update 18/05/02): Biplane Barmy is a fun ‘quickie’ game inspired by the Top Gun board game from FASA. It is playable in under 15 minutes. Within the rules are some preliminary notes for expansion to jets and later eras. When I get round to it I will flesh these out and republish them here.


Download Dark Age (Latest Update 18/05/02): Dark Age is a game I am currently running as a campaign. It is set in 6th Century Britain but is not strictly historically accurate. For example Saxon characters may worship some of the Norse Gods who are not due to be invented for several hundred years. This historical inaccuracy is deliberate, to encourage the flavour we, as a group, wanted.


Download Dark Age 2 (latest update 04/02/03): Finally, this is the revised rule set for Dark Ages.. also some revisions in the world background and a whole slew of new material. This will continue to grow in the next few months as the playtest campaign I am running unfolds.


Download Epoch (Latest Update 23/05/02): Epoch is inspired by Star Trek. I am sure this is a copyright violation etc.. But I have no intention of making any money off this and if someone complains I will just go through the document and change a few letters where appropriate J


Download Fire & Maneuver (Latest Update 18/05/02): fire and maneuver are a very quick set of rules to allow miniature battles, sort of warhammer 40K’ish.


My current project is a game loosely (very) based on the Deathstalker novels by Simon R Green. This should appear on here sometime in the next couple of months. A draft is located here (Latest Update 22/05/02). It is at a very early stage.