My Gaming Group


I have been role-playing for around 25 years (started in 1977).


I play with a regular gaming group who have been going for about 5 years now playing most Sundays. We currently play a variety of games including:


  • My homebrews: see the index page for my games.


  • DC Heroes: we play a home brewed WWII campaign using the standard rules. My SRules system pays homage to DC heroes and reflects the things I dislike about the rules system. I absolutely love the AP system.


  • Call of Cthulu: fantastic background, great system.


  • Deadlands: fantastic background, system moderately sucks.. too many dice.


  • Werewolf: arrghh… I hate this game, background and system J. Still play in the campaign though.


  • Star Wars d20: about to start a campaign. I love the background but so far have not been impressed by the system.


The GM’ing duties are split perhaps 70:30 between our main GM Paul Mellor and myself. Another member of our group is about to run a Star Wars d20 campaign, I am hoping that my enjoyment of the Star Wars background will offset the horror of the d20 rules J


Our group is very much in role playing not rule playing, I personally hate games which are too rules heavy.